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Hi, I recently changed my mobo and my pc started to get very laggy. I couldn't even watch a video. I tought it was the mobo, but then i saw that my CPU tempature is 80-90 celsius degrees! Unfortunately i discovered this about 1 week after i got the mobo so i bought a new cooler&paste and replaced my fan/heatsink. My CPU runs at 40-50 clesius degress now. I think i solved the cooling problem but my computer is still very laggy. Can it be that my CPU is fried? There is no problem with booting or anything, it's just freaking slow. I have a Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ. So is it "fried" or can any other hardware cause this? I'm confused. :sweat: (Sorry for bad English btw. :D )

-Sincerely: David
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  1. Well P4 do run very hot. And if your system still boots up and runs fine, it probably isn't fried. I would do a few things first, which mainly involve your HDD. Clean the HDD of whatever you don't need and free up some space. Defragment for HDD (can be found under Accessories --> Systems tools --> Defrag. (note: if you have a SSD, don't defrag it, only HDD).

    Other problems could be needing more memory, or other parts aging. Another thing is that P4 is pretty outdated technology, and if you can, look into upgrading/building a new PC. My current computer at my work is a P4 running at 2.8GHz, and i can barely have 3 windows open and type in word at the same time, or it will freeze for 10 seconds.
  2. I didn't had any problems before my new mobo. But i don't think that a bit worse mobo can cause that much lag. I'l try defragging. I have 3 bad sectors btw.
  3. You can always try to update the Bios on the motherboard as well if it is new or outdated.
  4. I already tried it, didn't work. Tried defrag that didnt work too. I think I'll buy a new CPU.
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