My PC wont startup HELP!!

So my home built pc had been working perfectly for the 3-4 weeks i had it. worked fine yesterday and i shut it off and went to sleep. Next day it doesnt turn on when i press the power button. When opened the pc up and pushed down a lil on the 12 pin connector from the PSU to the motherboard the fans turn on and the lights for a split second. and it happens whenever i put pressure down.

@ first i thought it was my PSU so i put in my spare PSU an it did the same, except this time when i pressed the power button it turned on for a split second and turned off.

So the only thing that could be faulty is my power button or my MoBo but since the power button had a response so i guess its out of the question.

My question is if my MoBo is the problem? should i just get it replaced?
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  1. Specifications?
  2. Deemo13 said:

    Gigabyte z77-d3h MoBo
    Intel i5-2500k (Stock Cooler)
    Gigabyte radeon 7870
    Ares 4GB RAM x 2
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD
    Intel 330M 128GB SSD
    Asus DVD Burner
    Antec 650W PSU (Cooler Master 500W to test PSU issues)
    Apevia Junior-G Case
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