Adding Window to Corsair 500R

How do i do it?
There are so many ways!

I dont want to use a dremel...
I can take out the Mesh on the side and slip in a piece of acrylic from the outside, but then you can see these metal protrusions through the windows :(

Like this-

How can i cover those up???
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  1. To make a window without seeing those tabs, you're basically left with cutting them off. Then, get a window larger than the hole and mount it inside such that the mounting hardware is out of sight.

    The easiest way of doing this is to drill holes in the case and window. Then, just bolt it. Of course, you don't get the clean look on the outside this way since you've got exposed bolts.

    Without seeing the rest of the case, it's hard to say what else would work. I'm against using ghetto methods such as tape :D
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