AMD phenom ii x4 965BE stock heatsink removal

Hello, so long story short I wanted to reapply thermal paste on my phenom 965 cpu but ran into trouble while trying to remove stock cpu heatsink. It wasn't hard to ease the side with a lever as shown in this photo but i couldn't remove the pin on the other side thus remove the whole thing
Any suggestions how to lift/ease it up?
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  1. Just push the side you have loose towards the other side to give yourself some slack. Maybe push down a little on the cooler as you do it.
  2. bartholomew said:

    I've seen this video but the thing is that my heatsink doesn't have the screwdriver pull which is shown in that vid so it doesn't really help me at all...
  3. Are you saying you still haven't gotten the other side of the latch loosened yet?! It just slides off the nub like the side with the lever did.
  4. Did you try what he does at 0:25 ?
    I had to do the same thing to get my heatsink off.
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