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This is my first attempt at a computer build.
I am in desperate need to upgrade my 7+ year old computer. I just moved and my monitor broke so I need another one.
I plan on using the computer for gaming for MMOs and nothing too crazy that requires a ton of graphics. (I don't need to run on the highest settings, medium/medium high would be fine for me.)
I would prefer that the computer would be somewhere around the price range of the build I have ($1000).

The only part that I might be able to really use from my old computer is a nVidia GeForce gt 8500 graphics card, which I put into my computer a little while back.

So how did I do on this build? Are there parts that would work better/have better value?
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  1. Looks like a pretty decent build. I made three changes:

    Swapped out the motherboard for a Z77 Asrock model. Not a huge deal but would probably serve you better being the newer chipset.

    Also swapped out the powersupply. The one I added is cheaper and more powerful and from a better manufacturer.

    Also, I removed the sound card. Either motherboard you choose will have built-in audio and really, adding in a sound card isn't going to do anything that the built-in audio won't.
  2. You don't need a sound card unless the motherboard doesnt have audio or something. Also, if you are getting the 6950, you would need a new power supply. Bigger and better quality.

    You could get a 7850 and it would work with that power supply, and should be better than the 6950 in terms of performance and power consumption.
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    Deemo has a good point. Could easily upgrade the 6950 to a 7850 for just a little more. Also, I changed the RAM to 1600 mhz G.skill Ares, would run better and is almost identical in price.

    This one is $20 cheaper than your original post and definitely superior.
  4. Thanks. everything else looks good?
  5. ReallyBoredMan said:
    Thanks. everything else looks good?

    Everything else looks good. Some would probably recommend you swap out the Hitachi for a Western Digital or Seagate brand hard drive, but for that price, you'll be fine.
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