Hi, I m confused b/w the 2 psu corsair gs700w and corsair tx750w . plz suggest me are both the psus are good for gaming ?? .I will be using sapphire hd raedon 7870 2gb n intel I5 3570k. Plz suggest me a psu among these 2 . Thank u all in advance .
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  1. Get the cheaper one
  2. Either of them would provide more than enough power for what you are running
  3. Corsair TX750 is cheaper and has more capacity on the +12V rail.

    Get the GS700 if flashy LED fan lighting is what you want and you don't mind paying more for less electrical capacity.

    The TX750 has the requisite four PCI-E Supplementary Power Connectors to handle two Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition graphics cards in 2-way CrossFireX mode. The GS700 only has two PCI-E Supplementary Power Connectors.
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