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I'm working on building a gaming system, and I'm fairly new to the process. I've been researching for a couple days now on which parts I should get, and would like advice on my current build.

Getting the price point closer to $1000 USD would be nice. I'd like to not compromise on the monitor, and would prefer the best performance I can get at that price point.

So far this is what I have come up with for my build:

I'm mosty interested in playing games like World of Warcraft/League of Legends while being able to stream the gameplay live, but would also like to be able to play games like Skyrim (without streaming) on high settings. Also, I'd like the gaming mouse for the extra buttons, but is a gaming keyboard really a huge advantage over a standard keyboard?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and please let me know if what I am asking is out of reach for my current price range. (I'm willing to go to $1500, but would like to be able to get the performance I am asking for around $1000.)

Thank you!
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  1. That build is an improvement in several ways, but I would pick a different motherboard and perhaps a better SSD. The Crucial M4 doesn't cost much more but is definitely better. The Asrock Z77 Pro3 motherboard isn't really suitable for overclocking.
  2. Thank you so much guys for the input. I am interested in overclocking the motherboard so I would like to go with one that is suitable for it. After going over your responses I figured I'd be able to go with the Asrock Extrem4. Here is the build I came up with using your suggestions and changing the motherboard:

    Also, I'm not sure what kind of storage is needed exactly, just that the solid state drives run faster and are more stable. Would it be necessary to have a regular HDD as well?
  3. Well... can you really make do with just 128 GB of storage? I sure couldn't. The reason people still use HDDs is that they offer a lot more storage space at a reasonable price.
  4. I do have an external 1TB hard drive that I use when I don't really need the files on my built-in hard drive. Is that a reasonable thing to do for storage with the setup I am suggesting?

    Also, will it be possible to upgrade my system in a couple years easily or will all the components likely need to be replaced so that they are compatible with each other?

    As far as sticking to the $1000 price point as much as I can, the mouse and keyboard can be foregone for now, and I'll just use the standard ones I have currently.

    I am really appreciative of your suggestions.
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  6. only suggestions i can give are a bigger case a full size so you can have some room. and i prefer amd processors but thats completely opinion based and since you wont be doing any mega muiltitasking (playing BF3 encoding a video stream downloading quad screen benchmarking) all at the same time a quad core is all you need and the i5 is the probably the best one (thats coming from a mega amd fan)
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