APU 3500 + HD6570 Crossfire issue

Hi, there
English is not my mother language, I try to discribe my issue in details.
I have a new system just established with A6-3500+A75 mobo + HD6570 graphic card
Now the issue is that, once I plug in my HD6570(connect to LCD), the IGD 6530D could not be recognized.(from device manager, gpu-z etc.)
And also all the 4G memory is available to use, no memory is allocated for 6530D. If I connect the display to IGD, no signal.

After I remove HD6570 and reboot the system, 6530D works properly(connect to LCD). and 512MB memory is allocated for IGD(3.48G available)
So, the PCIE graphic card and integrated gpu can not be recognized simultaneously. Therefore, No Dual Graphic option under performance in CCC.
It seems that IGD is auto disabled when a PCIE graphic is attached.

CCC version 12.8, profile 12.7 cap3
Thank you.
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  1. system info:
    A6-3500 at default freq, no overclocking
    Biostar TA75M+,
    G.Skill DDR3 1600Mhz 2G X2,
    HD6570 512MB,
    300w power supplier
    Win7 64bit SP1
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