Which of these budget gaming mouses is the best? (-30$)(Pics&info)

Si I've been using a wireless microsoft mouse for over 6 years and the left clicker is starting to give me problems... it's the only mouse I have, so I can't currently play any games or do much on the computer. I won't have more than 30$ in several months and I need a mouse ASAP. I mainly play FPS and MOBAS.

So these are the options so far (If you know any mouse that's better in that price range please let me know)

Cobra E-3lue High Precision Gaming Mouse with Side Control 1600dpi

^Really like the design, has good reviews and it's dirt cheap.. which makes me have doubts on how good it will be.

Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400 with High-Precision 3600 DPI Optical Engine

^Good reviews. I don't like the design, but if you tell me it's a good mouse I wouldn't mind.

Razer Abyssus High Precision Optical Gaming Mouse

^I guess you can't go wrong with Razer? I don't dign the design tho.

Perixx MX-2000, Programmable Gaming Laser Mouse -

^Love the design, not sure if I can afford it ($35), but again if it's worth it...

GIGABYTE GM-M6800 Noble Black 5+1 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Optical 1600 dpi Dual Lens Gaming Mouse

^This mouse has good reviews on Newegg and it's dirt cheap..

Which one would you recommend me to get?
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  1. for me, i'd choose between the perixx and the razer. the perixx is a good mouse because of the buttons (moreso than the others), but it you aren't going to use them, i'd buy the razer. razer are all about quality and i have never been let down by any of their kit (have around £300 worth of it attached to my PC at the moment). bear in mind that looks don't really matter, as your hand will be covering it.

    on a side note, as long as the mice are all reviewed as being reliable, i would personally go with the one that fits your hand best. that's what makes a good mouse!
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