Sapphire hd 7950 vs xfx 7870

Forgetting the price difference, could someone tell me if there would be any difference in performance between the 2 cards. The 7870 has a higher clock speed but the 7950 has 3gb gddr5. Would either one be better running at 1080p. Would there be any non gaming benefits to having 3gb of gddr5. I'm a total newb at pc gaming and have limited understanding of all the bench tests i've read. So my basic quesztion is, which card will deliver better gaming performance.
Any help would be excellent as £230+ is alot of money to spend on something i know so little about, and need to be sure before i make the purchase.
Thanks guys.
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  1. the HD 7950= FTW
  2. sorry this was meant to be a comment on an already active thread about the 7870 and the 7950, but it was my first time on this site and obviously messed
    But thank you for replying, excuse my ignorance again but i was just wondering what you meant by FTW.
    Also if anyone else has an opinion to, and maybe some reasons as to why the particular one is better, :bounce: it would be greatly appreciated
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