Worth upgrading form Phenom 955?

Hey everyone,

I currently have a phenom X4 955 BE at a 4,000 OC as the brains of my pc. I just recently upgraded to an OC GTX 670 Windforce and the thing is chomping through games, however, I now realize that my CPU is significantly bottlenecking the 670 on games like Farcry 3.

I know the new Haswell chips with be coming out around June 2nd so I'm wondering if upgrading to an Intel Core i5-3570K now is a smart investment, or maybe I should spend a little extra and get the I7? Or just wait for the newest Haswell...

Anyone have experience upgrading from the 955? Have any suggestions regardless?
Please let me know and thank you!
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  1. I would wait until next generation (haswell) and then upgrade. It might be bottlenecked but sure you can live with it until upgrade.
  2. If your motherboard is AM3+ you might also want to wait and see how the Piledriver refresh is going to perform which is supposedly launching in the summer.
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