Hey guys, i really cant chose :(
I have like a £55 to £65 budget, and i cant chose between the 1tb WD green drive, or a new case(not sure yet(any solutions?!))

I curently have the cheapest, crappest case possible(!)

The new pace would need to have ideally a window, and fit atx boards.

Also for storage, i have 2, 250gb drives, one a crappy 3.5in drive, another a 2.5in laptop drive. i would like increased speed, and just some more space.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Between the two I would go with the HDD as it will have the most immediate effect on your experience.

    A better case would be nice but wont enable you to do anything more other than potentially overclock slightly higher. You could be running your components in a static free bag on your floor... just saying.
  2. yeah thats wut i was thinking, just wanted sum backing :)

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