AMD Athlon x4 640 bottleneck

will my cpu with a oc of 3.5ghz bottleneck a Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition? if so by how much?
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  1. Depends what games you're in. If you can push it a bit further then you'll be fine, but at the speeds atm you shouldn't notice the difference, it's still gonna kick out frame rates of 30+fps at 1080p
  2. It will be very close to stock 965BE in performance.

    Clock-for-clock it should be no less than 5% difference. In some cases larger but no more than 8-10% in the *usual* games with which AMD struggles.
  3. i play bf3 for the most part
  4. I think you're good. BF3 is GPU heavy.

    You might lag a bit on '64-maps' but anything below (including single player) with be held back by the GPU.

    What are your RAMs speed?
  5. CPU now @3.8 and its cheap RAM so nothing fast
  6. Great job!

    The reason I asked about your RAMs speed, AMD has *Sweet Spots* with the RAM dividers that allow you to run the sticks at stock speeds. As an example with DDR3 1333MHz, the sweet spot is a system clock of 250MHz. You simply drop the divider from stock 6.67 to 5.33

    15 x 250MHz = 3.75GHz CPU
    5.33 x 250MHz = 1333MHz RAMs

    Enjoy your CPU -- it should not be holding you back much, if any.

    Edit: I fergit ...

    Leave your HT Link as close to 2000MHz as practical, and raise your IMC/NB at high as you can!

    For each 10% in speed you increase your IMC/NB, memory bandwidth is increased 3-4% and latency is reduced 3-4%

    It makes quite a difference in your gaming.
  7. would it be worth upgrading to AMD Phenom II X6? and btw i just bought the 640
  8. Not really

    (unless you do more video encoding / 3D modeling than gaming - then you would benefit greatly)
  9. i just play games on my rig
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