Is this a good gaming PC?

Hey guys! New to the homebuilding PCs, so don't judge if it's a terrible build :kaola:

Figured it'd be easier for us both if I just use that instead of posting individual parts here. Though if need be, I can post the parts on here for you guys!

EDIT: I already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, which is why I do not have any monitor or anything on that part picker. I also am not a sound enthusiast, but if my motherboard does not have a good sound built in, please do tell me.
Motherboard is on bottom of page in the Custom slot, due to the site not having the motherboard I selected in their database
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  1. I'd sub a few parts out. The 650 is kinda lame, and you don't need a CPU cooler for a processor that doesn't overclock.

    Go with the Radeon HD7770.

    Also I would recommend a much better power supply, as the TR2 is not that great. The CX430 Corsair should do.
  2. Alright, was kind of iffy about the CPU Cooler, just saw it on there, and thought it was necessary ha. Thanks!

    And that'll work! Thanks!

    Sorry that I'm not too good at this ha!

    That all you'd recommend I do differently?

    Edit: Build updated!
  3. Its alright. I wasnt either when I started.
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