Will my motherboard and components fit in Dell Case?

I'm building a Gaming computer. I'm buying Gigabyte SKT-1155 motherboard along with ASUS Radeon hd7750 Graphics, Intel i3 2120 processor, 8 gb corsair ddr3 ram and a 600w PSU. I have a Dell Powered 400sc computer here at home. Not the best of computers, quite old, but has a nice big spacious case. Would I be able to take this computer apart and replace the components with the new components I'm buying for my gaming PC. Thanks :) If they don't fit is there any way I could make them fit. I don't have the money to buy a new case
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  1. Well, you don't need a new power supply in your Dell to run a 7750. What power supply does your Dell have? You can take out that 600W and save some money.
  2. I have a 250 w in my dell. It won't be enough. Will the motherboard fit in the case ??
  3. No, the MB will not fit into DELL CASE.
  4. What would be the cheapest case out there to suit my needs, as I hear cases aren't that important ? Approx. Thanks for the answers
  5. Any case. I don't know which country you are. But if you are the handyman you can try this "Dell XPS BTX to ATX Conversion".

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