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Hey community....Need some help with final choices involving my new investment of a desktop PC!

I have pretty much the entire list of components that I'm going to be buying but would like a second opinion (and possibly an opinion on the case if everything should fit and what not). My budget is around 1000 to 1300 with monitor so I have a tight market to work with. I know little in the process of picking one brand over another so that would help as well.

I'm looking to build a computer to run smoothly Adobe Creative Suite 6 and have the capability of running Speed grade (requiring a better graphics card and so on). I would like to run smoothly, but as for a super machine I'm okay with staying around the specifics I have in my list...included is the CS6 system specs. And I will NOT be overclocking ever. The only video games I may play are Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3.

-ASUS P8H77-V LE Motherboard
-16GB Ram (Need help with specific brand and size)
-Intel Core i7 (Specifics would help here as well, what makes a 3.4 worse than a 3.5?)
-GeForce GTX 660 2GB
-SSD 120GB hard drive & 500 gig second hard drive
-Case...up in the air, would like a mix between open concept for air flow and price. LED lights don't excite me.
-Power supply 500w or 750w? (Is there a big different in buying a case that comes with a power supply versus a power supple and case separate?
-Heat sink?
-Also would need a blue tooth reader, wireless network adapter, standard CD burnable drive, Firewire connecters, USB readers....

Monitor is another big issue...I want an IPS display so It can be viewed from more than one angle, but i want a higher end monitor that can be capable of color correction as well as great color and brightness display so I can use/view color on the screen correctly when dealing with and editing raw footage.

I guess lets hear responses, what do you think I may need to do for changes? Anything you think is underpowered or I should upgrade? Lets hear it!
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  1. My main concern is not having enough power supply, but since I wont be Overclocking I don't think I will need that much more power.
    Also Would I need a CPU heat sink or would the factory model be fine for keeping it cool?
  2. So im assuming by the no replies that everything I have would be fine, and my system would work perfectly smooth. Ok then. I guess I'll just have to pull the trigger and buy everything!
  3. You have specced what is about right for a workstation editing rig.

    Motherboard will do.

    16GB of RAM is the correct amount for this kind of work. Make sure that it doesnt run above 1.5v, which is bad for your Intel CPU.

    Get an Ivy Bridge i7, so an i7-3xxx. Higher the frequency, the more performance. If there is a "k" on the end, it means that its is overclock capable. Dont get it unless you change your mind about overclocking and swap the mobo for a Z77 board.

    Dont know personally, but I have heard that the older Fermi cards (GTX5xx) are better for CUDA performance The Adobe Suite can utilize CUDA.

    I recommend an OCZ Vertex 4, and two HDD's. The SSD to hold the OS and programs, one HDD to hold raw data/footage, and the other is where footage is rendered too. That way, data isnt being written to and read from the same drive, which will slow down the rendering process.

    Any Coolermaster HAF series or Corsair case will suffice. Pick the one that agrees with your budget and taste.

    I would go for a 550W as minimum with this build. I take it Crossfire/SLI isnt really a concern. Get a unit from XFX, Corsair or Seasonic. Make sure its 80+ certified and preferably modular.
    The PSU's that come with budget cases are not to be trusted. Very cheaply made, deliver dirty power, very inefficient and often cant output their advertised wattage. Beware of budget brands like DIABLOTEK and Coolmax, they are generics with a name on them.

    If you want the chip to run cool and the fan to be silent, then I would advise aftermarket cooling on the CPU. Stock cooling is sufficient if you are not overclocking, but is pretty inferior even against budget coolers like a Hyper 212 EVO.

    Blue-Tooth you can probably get a USB dongle for it. Buy a wireless Network Interface Card and install it to the system. Any DVD-RW drive can burn CD's. Not sure what you mean, like SD card ports?
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