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Rosewill Challenger GPU Fit Issue.

I swapped my 435mt Dell mobo w/other components into a Rosewill Challenger case. Everything fits with the exception of my GPU (GTX570 MSI). The bracket seems to stop video card from inserting into the PCI slot completely and I have no image as a result. Same problem with ATI 5770 (both fit perfectly into old Dell case). Is there a good solution? I'm really hesitant to start forcing and bending bracket on a 200$+ video card, because it doesn't fit a 40$ case. Thank you!!
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  1. Do you have a Dremel? Use the cutoff wheel to slice through the metal case and bend as you need, or just remove alltogether
  2. according to this past thread


    cards around 11" should fit
  3. That shouldn't happen. Have you got the standoffs screwed all the way into the case's backplate? Are you saying the GFX card bracket contacts the case before the card is fully seated in the slot?

    Can you post a pic of what the obstruction looks like?
  4. I have the Challenger too. I currently have a MSI Twin Frozr II in there. But my mobo is an asrock z68 extreme 3. Did you use the same mobo from the dell? Make sure its seated right on the stand offs and not at any angle. If the Mobo fit in your dell it should fit in the Roswell since most dell parts can be proprietary.
  5. 1)
    GPU bracket is in position, tightened with a screw
    The card doesn't slide all the way through and gets only into about 50% of the PCIe (with the above bracket position), instead of being fully in
    After reading some of the feedback, I noticed that my old Dell case (picture #3) mounted the motherboard on the small "pedestals/stand offs". This could very well explain why my card doesn't fit (motherboard sits "too low"). I'm thinking I could place some separators like chokes for example, to raise the motherboard "height" to mimic those small mounting pedestals for indivudal screws that were in the Dell case? Thanks for your help!!
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    if the case is like my rosewll future gaming case, the case SHOULD have given you micro atx standoffs you are supposed to use for micro atx motherboards
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  8. dudewitbow said:
    if the case is like my rosewll future gaming case, the case SHOULD have given you micro atx standoffs you are supposed to use for micro atx motherboards

    Okay, I will try it with the standoffs that were included. I knew I would find help here
  9. Do these micro standoffs look any different? The case came with a set amount of screws and stand offs. I don't have the U3 edition just the regular.
  10. Thank you everyone for your help and attention. From all the info I could find, none really specified that my native Dell board is an mATX and not ATX. I have installed the mobo w/standoffs (included into the Rosewill case package) and everything works perfectly now. My GTX570 fits in perfectly (without me having to bend it) and the temps dropped from 80"c to 40-55 under heavy loads (Skyrim, BF3 on ultra). I'm simply amazed. Now I just have to figured out a way to make and install a panel on the back of the case to fill in a gap/hole around the LAN/Audio/etc inputs. Thank you very much for all of your help guys!
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