MSI vs EVGA 660TIs Help!

I need to order my computer within an hour or so. The last piece of hardware I am unsettled on is the GPU.

I have always owned EVGA with no problems. However, reading some reviews over the web the MSI is a real contender. Through some tests it ran 10degreees Celsius cooler under full load than the EVGA card. The MSI is ever so slightly faster core speed as well. The EVGA cards only have a 3yr warranty just as the MSI ones do.

Anyone have any thoughts? Hopefully someone responds within 45 mins so I can have some better info pre-purchase.


EDIT: System using 1 GPU, not in SLI. i5-3570k etc. 750W PSU.

Links to the 2 cards:



In this review, why would the MSI score so low in FPS in Metro 2033, any insight? All the other games it was close between them all until this test. It really concerns me.
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