Help building Rig for Windows 7 work / Internet

Putting together a PC for my Brother ill break down the work he dose and what he wants out of it.
He always has 20 plus excel pages open and 20 plus web sites at a time.
Would like to run two monitors on his desk and a third tv on the wall for presentation.
He would even like to add more monitor in the future.
Need fast load time for simple operations like excel, Microsoft access and we have a few in house programs for running innovatory and listing to eBay and amazon.

So what he is doing is researching and buying new innovatory and manage's the new listing for our accessory company.
Big job we import big time 100 plus new items a week.
I'm thinking
h77 or z77
i3 or i5
180gb ssd intel 330 on sell at micro center
8gb of ram 1600mhz
dvd drive
400-600 watt psu corsair or better
a few case fans with a fan controller

Looking for reliable parts with little to no problems reported
Please help me out on this.
Thank you for reading.
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  1. You shouldn't need a fan controller, as it should be fairly low powered and the motherboard will have enough fan headers.

    I would suggest getting 16GB of RAM as websites can really chew up space, as can databases.

    I would suggest an Ivy i5 (as it sounds like lots of cores is a good idea here; lots of multitasking) on an H77 board, with the option to add a 7750 later on for extra screens. He isn't doing anything particularly graphics intensive (eg gaming)?
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