Not sure what this is on my PSU?

Bought a new PSU, the Corsair CX600 and noticed what appears to be some sort of 4 pin female connector for a fan or something.
I have a fan controller and am wondering if I plug it into that could I control my case fans? My case fans are daisy chained on a single molex. If not, could i still use the fan controller to power a single molex connector? (They are all daisy chained so they only need one connector to power them all) It is the Z Series by Rosewill.
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  1. its 4 pin molex. you connect the 4 pin molex to supply power to the fan controller. fan controller should have smaller 4 pin headers to plug fans into..cheaper fans will have a big white molex power connector so you dont have fan speed control.. better fans come with a smaller female connect at the end of the cable that you can plug to fan controller or directly to your motherboard...those give you speed control
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