560 Ti Vs 660Ti

Hello i currently have a Gtx 560Ti and im wondering how much better the 660ti is compared to my 560ti. If it matters i have 2 1080p monitors and my current GPU is a 1gb 256bit model.
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  1. youd be more ahead to get another 560ti in sli
  2. The 660ti bench marks on games is about 2x better in terms of FPS at most time at resolution of 1680x1050 and only slightly better at 1920x1080p. If you want to see a bigger performance a 670 would be better.

    But the 660ti almost catches up to the 670, its that at higher resolutions than 1920 the 670 is better, of course better for more than one monitor too. For someone that doesn't care much about maxing to the max lol the 660ti will work for a year or more but the higher end cards will last longer.
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