I am trying to build my first gaming PC. Here is what I have so far:

I was wondering if this would be a good gaming PC. Am I wasting money? Is there anywhere I can get something better? Etc. Let me know what I can do to make this PC the best.

Also, would I just be better off buying a pre-made PC for what I am spending or is this custom better than most pre-built pc's for the price?

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  1. You have done it totally wrong here are specs that will run you about 1378$ plus tax
    Mobo gigabyte g1. Sniper m3
    CPU i7 3930k
    Ram corsair vengence 128 gb (64x2)
    Psu cooler master ax psu 1800 watts
    Gpu nvidia GeForce gtx 690 x4 on sli
    Case nzxt grim reaper 120h

    This computer is great the same specs as mine.

    Have a great time buying and building this computer
  2. O and a SSD for everything
    SSD boss 2560 gb SSD
  3. Very nice. Only question is if you already have a copy of windows.

    It will beat pretty much any pre-built PC out there, almost whatever the price.

    EDIT: ThatMoose's PC is utter rubbish:
    CPU and MoBo not same socket = Does Not Fit.
    Coolermaster PSUs are crap, and I don't think they even make an 1800w one.
    You can't put 4x690s in one system - thats 8x680. Would also cost $4k.

    So yes, he's trolling.
  4. LOL thank you for explaining that. I was not sure if he was serious, because other people have said this build is pretty good. I am glad you clarified that because I am a complete noob at building PC's but very excited about it.
  5. Your build is pretty much exactly what I would have picked out. :)
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