Psu effiency at 6yrs old an how long will it last

what do you think is the effinciancy of my PSU after 6yrs pretty much 24/7 running but i dont play alot of games so its not maxed out in powerr drawl alot of the time. it dont go into sleep mode or anything though any ideas.

according to there website new it wouldf have an over 80% efficiency rating. so prolly 80% but what bout after 6years [...] ct_id=2551

also not at the time uf purchase 6yrs ago the "real power pro series" was there preiumum line of psu. paid hundred an some for it
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  1. well weather it's 80% effeicent or 70% efficient i dont see much a difference in energy cost but like does it go down to only 50 or 60% efficient

    also i dont want it to suddenly go out and not have one but i aint got alot of money and when i buy power supplies i invest in good ones. i just wonder how long thisone would last
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