CPU Temps too high?

I know there is probably a few threads on this, but I'd like to know for my specific situation.

Basically, I have an AMD Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.2GHZ Stock, and I have an Arctic Freezer 7 Rev. 2.

My airflow is pulled in from a single fan in the front, then pushed out the back and through the top fan. Bascially, the CPU Fan points down (Pulling air from between my graphics card (GTX 550 TI)), and pushes it out through the top fan. I idle about 30c (After being on for about 10 minutes, launching chrome etc.), but when I start playing a game such as BF3, themps shoot up to about 66c - And I have seen it hit almost 70c.

My question is, how extreme are these temps?

Also, I've applied Arctic Silver 5 last week, and themps are idling better, but under load are about the same.

Whats up with this?
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  1. That is fine, it could be the way you position your fan too, but 70C is ok.
  2. Below 70c is preferable, but below 85c is fine, assuming it does not go higher. 90c is about the max safe temp, so the 5c buffer should be enough.
  3. Might I add, that in a game like Skyrim, on High settings with FXAA, HD Textures, and a bunch of other graphics mods that make it look quite remarkable, I only hit about 53c.
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