Is my pc temperature normal?

i5-3570k 3.4ghz processor
asrock extreme 4 mobo
gtx 660 gddr5 superclocked card
16gb vengeance corsair ram

idle temperature 30-33 celsius 89-90 something fahrenheit goes to 109 at max that i have seen fahrenheit on some games usually around 100-105 though, is this temperature safe? i am using a 212evo i used the stupid thermal paste that came with it should i change it? could i lower my temperature by maybe 15-20 degrees? using haf 912 case got 2 case fans and one fan on heatsink
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  1. Is that 109C max or fahrenheit if its C then the cooler must be mounted badly.
  2. the 109 is fahrenheit
  3. use this table to post the exact temp it will easier to understand what you need .
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