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Upgrade my 560Ti to 660Ti for BF3?

I have one purpose for my GPU, and it's Battlefield 3. Currently, on a 560Ti, I can only play BF3 on High settings to get around 60fps average on a 1920x1080.

Is it worth spending $300? I have a buyer for my 560Ti...I can get about $170. So I'd have to spend an additional $140-150. I guess I'm curious if the Ultra and MSAA are worth the money.

Any opinions?
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  1. resolution and game quality is all buyers opinion. IMO, the difference between the two cards in my eyes isnt worth it yet. Pull off a 2 generation rule for gpu purchasing.
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    well, I'd have to say the difference between the gtx660 ti and the gtx560 ti is far greater than the difference between the gtx460 and gtx560. With gtx660ti, you should get around 50fps maxed ultra in bf3. That is almost a 70% performance boost according to guru3d over the gtx560ti. IMO, the difference is worth upgrading.
  3. The benchmarks that I'm seeing lead me to believe I could achieve a playable Ultra. I'm just not sure if the bump to Ultra is worth the money.
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