Is IB Pentium's stock heatsink fan detachable?

I've just ordered a Pentium G2020 and would need to know if the heatsink's fan is replacable or not. Looking at some pictures it looks as if the fan and the attachment pins are molded from one piece of plastic (?).

Would be nice to hear from you Pentium owners. I need silent operation and would like to attach one of my Noctua fans instead of buying a whole new cooler.
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  1. Heatsinks for Intel CPUs do not allow you to replace the fan. You either install Intel's heatsink or you buy your own heatsink. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 is pretty good and inexpensive as long as your case is big enough to fit it. Not very compared to other massive heatsinks.
  2. Thanks for the info! I think I'll go for the Noctua NH-L9I despite the cost. Nothing but good experiences with the brand.
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