ATI 7970m Drivers?!

Hi, my new laptops has a 7970m and the only drivers ive installed so far are the ones that came with the Uitility & Drivers DVD. When I got to AMD's site and download the auto detect utility, it says there is an update . I down load it and it isntalls the AMD Mobility Radeon™ Driver Verification Tool. I then go to C:/AMD/catalyst mobility util 64-bit and i open the executable in the folder. It then gives me an error saying "AMD Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatable hardware/softare on your computer. The Version of your graphics adapter is not supported."
I bought this laptop from Xotic and they do not have drivers for the card. Where or how can I update the drivers?
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    i believe you can just download CCC 12.6, and i believe beta 12.7(desktop) actually works for the laptops as well but i cant 100% be sure as i dont have the laptop for myself(I wish i had more money for stuff haha)
  2. So CCC is are the drivers for ATI cards? This is my first ATI card so im unaware of how updating process goes. Thanks for the help though im gonna install CCC 12.6 in just a min.
  3. I wasnt even aware that there was a 12.8 now. googling it, all it says is 12.8 did 2 things mostly:

    1. Support for Windows 8, which was top priority for AMD as new users will use it
    2. changed power consumption for most cards and fixed idle glitch for some computers, as well as add support for direct3d ssaa(fsaa).

    idk if the drivers will work on a 7970m though

    according to this, it does support it
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  5. Ok, Im gonna give 12.8 a shot. Thanks for the quick response!
  6. I Installed 12.8 Without any issues. Thanks for the Help dudewitbow, you were a great help.
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