What in the world are these files? VERY ODD.

I have two files that are worded crazy and one takes up 205 GB and the other takes up 37 GB.....


Does anyone know what the heck these are? I don't have any space left due to these. Going into properties does not tell me anything either as to what it's associated with.

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  1. No idea -- your C: drive seems to have a whole lot of odd files. I would run a malware program, and then download and run Ccleaner, which is a free cleaner program.
  2. Hey Realbeast,

    I run CCleaner every friday and Malewarebytes has shown nothing malicious in my system.

    What now?
  3. Look at the programs that you run and try to figure out what generated them, then do a good backup just in case things go horribly wrong, then delete the files.
  4. It seems when I deleted some financial documents using the program Eraser these files were generated. That explains the date and times on both of them. Earlier today I ran it and the file was created at about that time.

    I deleted them and nothing seems to be whacking out.

    I appreciate your help.
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