I may pre on the 670

i was gonna get the GIGABYTE GTX 670 $399

but the EVGA GTX 670 is $30 off at $369

or is $20 on top of 399 worth it for the performance of the ASUS 670 CU II Top at $420?

although i could save more money and get the GIGABYTE GTX 660 Ti $319 + shipping

i was going to wait towards the end of the year to see if there were going to be a price drop..
but the EVGA 670 with that discount seems to be a faster route..

Newegg has a deal which includes Borderlands 2 which each card, except the EVGA 670 due to $30 promo

i want one that could last the longest as well.. carry over for when i switch to intel
i got an 4.0GHz OC Phenom II x4 955 currently..

should worry about bottlenecking with the AMD ?

what would you do?

im stalling here..
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    You might notice a more frames per second with the $420 but the $370 is a really good deal for a 670. That is probably the best value out of all your options right now. I would go with the $370 670 or the 660ti.
  2. EVGA is the best choice.
  3. I would go with the 660 Ti and save some money, I have seen much reviews and I think the difference 660 Ti and the 670 is not very substantial, except in higher settings. Max about 20% slower. But, the 660 Ti can be bought $100 less.

    EDIT: Just found a 7970 for $420, with a 12% discount? maybe you should also take a loot at this? It trade blows with 680 so it could be a good option too.
  4. I think the evga 670 is the best option. If it is only 370 it is the best value of any of the ones you listed.
  5. well that deal is over.. but im probably just gonna save up money and in a couple months, purchase a 670. that way i get to compare it to the 660s.. im really diggin that GIGABYTE cooler. but if MSI ever did a 670 twin frozr thatd be something to get.
  6. well i feel stupid

    $409 with a $25 rebate.. 8 dollar shipping

    hmm anyone have one of these?
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