Optiplex 3010 Small form factor best gpu and psu

I am trying to put a graphics card in my optiplex 3010 SFF. I don't mind leaving the case open if the card isn't low-pro. The best cards are not available in low-pro. My big issue is that I cant find a psu that will fit as the stock is only 240w. Here are my specs....

8GB RAM @ 1600
Stock HD2500 graphics!
Win 7 pro 64bit

Are there any GOOD low energy cards that will run on a 240w psu?
Am I going to have to use a different case?

Thanks to all who read and reply.
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  1. Yeah there are quite a few. Depends on what games you're wanting to run though and what your budget is. The best low profile card out there right now is the HD7850 Low profile by AFOX. If you want something sub $100 then get a HD7750 preferably a his version so you can keep it cool. You shouldn't have a problem running it as long as that PSU is any good.
  2. Crap, cancel the HD7850lp Psu won't be enough to run it. Even a HD7750 would be cutting it close. Can't you replace the thing with a better case?
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