Intel or AMD?

I want the absolute best bang for your buck. Need new cpu + mobo to play cpu intensive games like DayZ better. What would you recommend for under $300? Should I get the AMD 6300 and an ASROCK extreme3 990FX? or should I go with intel. I understand AMD is more budget and Intel is more performance.
Dunno what would be best but I hear the intel i5 is perfect for gamers like I am. Running at 1600x900, EVGA Geforce GTX650 2gb SC, win 7 ultimate 64 bit.
Getting money is pretty hard as a 14 yr old like myself, so I'm wondering if I should just go with the AMD specs i mentioned earlier or save up more and go with intel. Intel would be around $50 more than AMD if I went good on my budget, < $300. Amd for cheaper and get it faster or save even longer for Intel.
looking for mobo AND cpu. What is the best combo I could get for a low price? Recommendations? Theme is RED, have 2 red LED fans and red vengeance RAM (8gb)
Like I said I need both motherboard and CPU.
Sorry for such the bad grammar and whatnot im pretty tired :/
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  1. If you want a good CPU AND MoBo for under 300 then AMD is your best bet...Intel is better but I would recomend at least an i5-3570k which is $230 which leaves NO room for a board.
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