Ati radeon hd 5800 PCIE 2.1 in a PCIE 1.0 slot?

I'm looking into getting a Ati radeon hd 5800 PCIE 2.1 card off of ebay and would like to know if it would work in my PCI 1.0 slot. Or if it has issues, what specifically are the issues?

Here's my motherboard info if that helps:
abit Fatality (Fatal1ty?) FP-IN9 SLI (I am not using the SLI)
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  1. It will work. PCI-E is backwards compatible. Don't forget to check if your PSU can handle it
  2. It is backwards compatible, should work fine. What is your power supply though?
  3. May I suggest BIOS update, if one is available. These new generation cards cannot even work properly in PCIe v2.0 standard slotted motherboards, let alone v1.0. PCIe v3.0, v2.1, v2.0, v1.1 and v1.0 are all said to be compatible with each other, though.

    You cannot be sure unless you try it. Please carefully read the return policy of the seller before you make the purchase. Maybe it is time to upgrade the motherboard, CPU, PSU and RAM as well.
  4. Eh nevermind I have 2.0. Fracking annoying that even the motherboard manual wouldn't say so I assumed 1.0. Had to get special software.

    Power supply is 400W:

    Replacing everything would be a wee bit expensive. I'm just looking for something to hold out until I get a real new computer. If I have to downgrade the video card I may even do that.
  5. That's cool, thats one of the fanless power supplies. But it might be pushing it with a 5850 or 5870. You might want to get a 5770/6770 or maybe a 7770. Maybe even a 6850.
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    Your PSU is very good. Your prospective gfx card is also very good.

    Happy computing/gaming.
  7. Thanks for the fear alieving. Going with a used 5830 btw. I'm hoping that will keep my in good shape until I start from scratch on another computer. First step is get money, second step is spend it on shiny things.
  8. In the case of the 5830, you should be fine.

    I was thinking you were going with the 5870, which uses alot of power.
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