based on the already introduced Play Station 4 and its specs,
Which would be the recommended system requirements on PC for
playing this consoles upcoming games at least on high settings
with 720p resolution?
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    Current gen components lol. I would not expect true 8 core performance from lets say a 8350/8150. Nor will the gpu compete with pc graphics and performance. At the moment both consoles are set for somewhere around 30 fps, I saw the live stream the demoed games looked awesome, but i still dont see it directly competing for pc performance. It wont be crap either lol, if anything i would say somewhere like maybe a a10 5800k and 7660d igpu.

    I compared ps3 BF3 graphics to pc low preset, so if u take bf3 and throw on the ps4, i guess prob medium to high, but again its just my guess there again.
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