Installing new graphics card question.

Currently I have a Nvidia GT 520 in my system and I am gonna replace it with a AMD Radeon HD 6870 and was wondering, do I FIRST, need to uninstall all drivers of the GT 520 before taking it out and putting in the HD 6870?

If so, where would I go to completely remove the Nvidia GT 520 drivers?

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    Yes it is recommended that you uninstall graphics drivers before putting the new card in. You can uninstall them using the the ''add/remove program'' function or on the ''device manager''. Read this if you need further help on how to do it
  2. If i were you I would def remove the old drivers first before you take the old card can remove the drivers from Programs and features in the control panel if you are using windows 7....if xp i believe its add remove programs in control panel....once you remove the drivers you should shut down and put the new card in and then boot back up and install the latest drivers for it from AMD
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