PNY gtx 560 ti SLI vs MSI 660 ti PE

I have been having driver crashing issues with my PNY 560 Ti 1GB sli (supposedly a normal issue with these junky PNY cards) even after trying various different drivers (yes I make sure to delete and clean the old driver before installing the new ones). Should I just sell them on feebay and probably have a break even trade for an overclocked MSI 660 ti 2GB?
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  1. Yes, do that, 660 Ti PE from MSI can be bought by only ~$300.
  2. yea, those cards will probably get you at least $200 after S&H and ebay's deductions. The 660 ti is looking like a great card for 1920x1200 or lower, and i am hoping to grab one soon to max out ARMA 3 and Fallout 4.
  3. There's no way anyone is going to buy a used 560ti for over $200 on ebay. $150 is possible, though.

    So you should be able to about break even and a single card is always so much better than multi-card configs in terms of ease of use. Since you're having issues, I'd recommend doing it. The 660ti won't be too much slower than 560ti SLI anyways.
  4. i am talking about for both cards.
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