Laptop sound not working. Tried many things already.

Sony Vaio S, VPCSB28FJ
Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
Audio: Realtek, Dolby

This problem occurred after I unattached the top section of the laptop.

Sound does not work even with volume maxed out.
I have tried connecting a working headphone to the unit and there is no sound to be heard on the headphone.
Volume icon has no red X on it and the volume bar (green bar) does jump when I click on the rocker in software.

The only time the sound works is when I connect a HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV.

I've already made sure the software/driver has been installed for this unit.
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  1. Did you check to make sure that there are no loose connections before you reattached the top section of the laptop?
  2. Yes I did.

    Is sound chip or whatever it's called that controls the audio on the laptop integrated with the motherboard? I tried using the top section (with all the speakers and audio port boards) with a similar unit and it works fine. So it has to be something with the bottom portion.
  3. My guess, since it is a laptop, is that the sound controller is integrated onto the motherboard. You could try something like this from NewEgg - if you cannot find a solution to the sound problem.
  4. Ken, you are right! I just came to the exact conclusion today but decided to purchase a new motherboard... and man is it expensive - $210 since it is for a newer model laptop.

    I should buy a soundcard instead I guess.
  5. Yeah, the laptop motherboards are not inexpensive. If you are not confident you can replace it yourself you will pay about the price of a new one between the cost of the motherboard and paying someone to install it. The less expensive option is the sound card.
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