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I want to make a new NAS/home server. I don't need it to do much: fileserver and few programs including Transmission (for sharing media projects with the team). I just want it as cheap as possible.
How's this for a build:,,
If anyone can suggest cheaper/missing parts or incompatibilities, that'd be perfect

Second question: I have a 1TB hard drive, and ideally I'd use this in connection with a larger drive, 2 or 3 TB. Could I RAID 0 2x1TB drives and RAID 1 those with the 2TB drive, to create 2TB storage with redundancy?
What is possible with ZFS? I've heard good things but don't know enough about it?

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  1. I can't get into the wishlist; it says it doesn't exist or hasn't been marked as published.

    I'm pretty sure you can use RAID 5 across different drive sizes. Dunno what ZFS is, will wikipedia it.
  2. raid controllers help with weird drive pool arrangements. do some looking up on those
  3. I think intel's RST can handle RAID5 (not certain), but yes, a RAID controller is a good idea.
  4. Aren't RAID controllers quite expensive though (specially as I want this build to come in under £100, not including hard drives)?

  5. Well the raid controller onboard is only really good for 2 drives in raid 1 or raid 0 if you ask me. i would usually suggest getting a proper raid controllers for raid 5 or raid 6 configurations since raid controllers help with performance and would allow you to easily switch raid configurations and add drives to the drive pool
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