Crossfire question

so i have xfire hd 5770's my buddy has a 5870 he will give me

my mobo can do 3 way sli/xfire

so my question is can i 3 way xfire 2 5770s and a 5870
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  1. I think it's not possible. The first 2 numbers need to be the same in order to crossfire. If your buddy had lets say a 5750 it would be possible to crossfire.
    An exception to this is the 5750/5770 can be crossfired with 6750/6770 because they are the same cards just under another name.
    Also check this for future reference
  2. yes I believe this is possible bc 5770's can be tri crossfired and seem to work pretty well doing so....according to AMD website you would not need an external bridge to crossfire a 5870 with a 5770
  3. external bridge?
  4. the external crossfire bridge between the two cards...they should come with the card but you do not need is the chart I was looking at

    says you can do a 5770 and a 5870
  5. u can not, see the chart
  6. oh crap lol I was totally reading the chart wrong!!!! haha my bad for some reason I thought that the grey and white meant you could without the crossfire adapter (knew that was weird) damn lol my bad had an idiot moment
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