Bad case fan?

My case has occasionally makes a weird buzzing noise. The only way to stop it was to push down on the top of my case. After getting some help from you guys, I made sure the optical drive and hdd was fully secure. I tracked the noise and it seemed to be coming from my top case fan, but I'm not 100% sure. I have the Rosewill Challenger. I also realized that the rear fan blows out more air than the top fan. Is there something wrong with my top fan??
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  1. Can you confirm that it's a fan by disabling each fan individually, one at a time (and note on which one the noise stops)?

    EDIT: Don't try with any fan that's affixed to a heatsink.
  2. Will try, but the noise usually doesn't come when I'm waiting for it >_>
  3. Intermittent issues are the hardest to diagnose. If your case has enough airflow with one less fan running, leave it that way for a few hours at a time then move on to the next.
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