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Hi,I have an Alienware r1 or r2 not sure,and when I power it on it goes normal then after it checks nvram,a little white line appears only thing I can see and beeps constantly non stop,I took some ram out to see if it was the ram and now I can't see anything on the screen and it does two beeps after every couple seconds .please help its my only computer and I don't have the money to buy one, I don't game on it that much only game I play on it now is called dofus can be played on any pc. So not a heavy game.Please help,Thank you. Specs: i7-920 gtx 560 ti 6gb ddr3 1tb raid,ocz 120 gb ssd and some Alienware mobo.
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  1. Two beeps means ram is not detected. Try replacing one ram module (place in slot closest to CPU) and booting. If that doesn't work, try another in the same slot. See if any of them can get you past the two beeps.
    I would think you are still under warranty from Dell (or just barely out of warranty), you might contact them also.
  2. ok so I tried every ram stick in the slot closest to cpu and I couldn't get it past the beeps,Tried on the second slot and I got past the beeps,but now it stays at the screen after checking nvram,with a little white line is all I see,btw I am out of warranty and like always dell wants to charge me a huge amount of money.
  3. Are there any lights on your motherboard? If so, what do they do when you attempt to boot? Also, while in there, are there any identifying letters written on the motherboard?
  4. The computer powers on gets past the alien logo the bios version page etc,gets pass nvram,then a little blinking white line on the corner is all I get,and no no lights on the inside just the normal alienfx.below is picture of the screen,sorry for bad quality but you can see a blinking white line in the upper left corner
  5. Wow, I came across a rather informative page from Alienware - see if it helps you at all, seems to be good. Let me know
    go through those steps... I found that from this page, which you might want to bookmark for future reference
    Good luck
  6. nothing ran the psa test and everything passes hard drive is detected but problem still continues I can't even get the option screen to go into safe mode or recovery just that blinking white line
  7. I'm going to guess it has to do with your RAID configuration - if RAID 0 - it may be that one of your drives has died. The blinking cursor indicates to me it has passed POST and has found an operating system but it isn't loading properly.
    Check all of your SATA connections inside the computer, make sure none have become loose. Hopefully, that's all it is
    Since you can get into BIOS check your boot order and RAID configuration
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