XFX Radeon 6870...sub-par performance...bad card? help

Hi guys...i just bought a XFX radeon 6870 off newegg..been playing with it for the past 3 days...and im a bit disappointed...before this purchase i had been playing games on my integrated graphics chip..games like DOOM 3 ran PERFECTLY....but now playing DOOM3 on my 6870 the performance has gotten WORSE! The game would run fine but then lag and slowdown every once and awhile..its really annoying considering i just spent 180 bucks on a videocard that seems to have trouble playing a 8 year old game.

Also i have the orginal Need For Speed SHIFT and this game also laggs and slows down....both of these games would run at about 60FPS then suddenly slow down to noticable amounts. Even a old old game like need for speed hot pursuit 2 seems to lag and the frame rates arent what they should be. If this is how the card truely performs then im totally unimpressed and will RMA asap.

Here are my system specs...i have a DELL VOSTRO 230...E7500 @ 2.93 GHZ...4GB DDR3 RAM...K-POWER 680 WAT POWERSUPPLY...

i dont think my system is all that bad..but i do have a 32 bit processor and im running on 32 bit windows 7..i dont think that is the issue...

can someone help me diagnose the problem plz? My games are suffering from lag and slowdown and from the reviews of the 6870 i was really looking forward to this card blowing games out the water..

i play on a 37 inch LCD TV using a HDMI wire..

thanks inadvance.
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  1. what are the temps of the gpu when you are playing games? you can get them by downloading a program called gpuz it will log the temps for you....a slow down in the middle of the game sounds like its over heating.
  2. Thanks for the reply! i actually use speed fan...and ive tested the temps and ive never gone over 60 degrees...the card runs cool and its definitely not an overheating problem......the lag also happens fresh when i start a game before the videocard even has the oppertunity to heat up..
  3. Yea...ive done everything i was supposed to do...even downloaded speedfan to monitor temps(which are fine)..i really dont know what else to do..DOOM 3 is an 8 year old game and this thing lags all over the place :(
  4. hmm...did you install the latest drivers from AMD when you installed the card?
  5. well sometimes with older games they do not run well with modern cards...idk if that is really old enough to have this issue but the only example of this I can think of is red alert 2...ran fine on an old p4 with integrated but runs like crap on modern machines....can you get an average fps in need for speed? also what resolution are you gaming at? is the lag your getting just like a random hiccup or is it constantly laggy the whole time
  6. I get about 60FPS in NFS shift...but its the lag that happens very often that is the issue...the frame rate is never constant thru out the whole race...it would hiccup atleast a dozen times thru out a given race..its very annoying
  7. so the game would hiccup and your fps would drop? so its not all the time lag but hiccups? make sure your motherboard drivers are up to date as well as all the other drivers in your system
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