70+ fps but still unplayable 6870

hi, i have a new xfx 6870 and when i play mw2 i am gettin 70-160 fps but still maybe twice every 45 secounds it will have a little sudden stutter in the game.
everything is still happening currently but its like some frames got lost somewere the whole stutter take place in an instant what is going on??
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  1. Wow...i have a XFX 6870 as well and im having the same exact problem!
  2. here i made another thread about this and there is some useful information these guys are giving idk if it will help you because so far we are trying to fix the same issue im haveing but you should check it out...

  3. Do you mean screen tearing? If you are playing on a 60Hz screen and your FPS exceeds 60fps or your gpu and screen are not in sync you get screen tearing. Turn on vsync and it should be fixed.

    - Fastreaction
  4. but it should work and without vsync
    my friens hd4350 can handle it on max settings 1280x1024 on 30-40FPS with a core 2 duo.
  5. Actually. That stutter might be caused by a FPS drop. With Vsync it goes from 60fps to 30 fps. Try with Vsync on and Vsync off. Since you told us that you played on 70+ fps then you have Vsync disabled so enable that.

    - Fastreaction
  6. even when i have vsync on it ocasionally has an fps drop
  7. Yeah but does it lag/stutter when that drop happens?

    - Fastreaction
  8. yes that's the only time it does stuttering
  9. yes that's the only time it does stuttering
  10. Maybe put down some settings?

    - Fastreaction
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