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Add side fan for intake?

I have a hp p7-1240 case, and it only has an exhaust fan (80mm) and only room for one exhaust. There isn't a slot for intake. There is however holes on the side panel, more towards the front of the case. It's about 120mm x 60mm. Is it OK to add maybe a 40-60mm fan? If so, should I use an adhesive to stick it on the panel or use the holes to screw it in? I don't know if it'd line up if tried with screws. I've read some peoples responses that side fans can disrupt airflow.

The reason I ask is my cpu temp still seems slightly high even after I installed a Xigmatek Loki SD963. During gaming, the temp lowered from high 70's (C)- occasional 80's (C) to mid 60's (C) and occasional 70's (C). I'm not sure if it's because there isn't enough air coming in.

I'm also waiting on my aftermarket exhaust fan to be delivered. Hopefully, it lowers the temperature a few degrees.
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  1. I did find this which appears to be an interesting option. 1) IMO, it looks cool, and you aren't limited to blue, there are other colors 2) Decent (stated) airflow for the size, 3) biggest plus in this case IMO, the mounts seem somewhat adjustable which should help fitment. On the down side, at 32dBA it isn't what I would classify as a quiet fan
    Hope it helps
  2. What about using velcro to stick it to the case?
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    Velcro, double sided mounting tape, and other adhesion methods are commonly used in computers, hot melt glue can work also. You do want to consider removal (and possibly cleanup of the adhesive) possibilites in the future so spot welding is probably not a good idea but most everything else seems to be fair game
    Hope it helps
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