SLI crashing issues

I recently bought a new GTX570 to put in SLI with an existing one however whenever I enable SLI I frequently get crashes when I close games down. I've used FurMark to stress test the cards individually and the cards both work fine at greater loads and temperatures than I've ever had them through from just playing games. The problem only seems to arise when I enable SLI with both installed, it says that the 'Display Driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode driver stopped responding...' or the system just restarts unprompted or alternatively it will do both in succession.

I've gotten the crashes after closing games down, just after enabling SLI in the Nvidia Control Panel and more worryingly when I try to reboot after a crash has occurred. To try and fix this I have used driver sweeper to wipe all the driver files and re-installed, switched the PCIe slots they are located, tested each card individually in both slots to see if it was a slot issue (I couldn't find any problems this way) but nothing I've tried has worked and when I think I've finally managed to fix it the crash will just re-occur. I've tried using several GeForce driver versions (304.79, 304.48, 301.24) but the problem re-occurs on all.

Does anyone have any suggestions for anything else I could try? I can't think of many other things I can try and it seems the only thing I haven't tried is putting a hammer through it.

System Specs:

Asus P8Z68-V Pro
Intel Core i5-2500K (Not overclocked)
8GB Corsair Vengeance
2x MSI GTX570 TwinFrozr III
256GB Crucial C300 SSD
1TB WD Caviar Black HDD
750GB WD Caviar Black HDD
Corsair AX850 PSU
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  1. Hi

    Sounds like a massive headache :/ If I were you I'd try and rule out components/software as possible causes for the issue, do you, or someone you know have a PC you could test both cards in (SLI enabled) even if you have to use your PSU aswell? There's nothing obviously wrong with your hardware setup so I'm thinking its a software/driver issue.
  2. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who could help, I have the only desktop in the house and none of my friends would be happy about me writing off their warranties to test it. I would have tried to do it otherwise but their just isn't a way for me to get access to another computer.
  3. Hmm... well that's a shame, Have you checked that your RAM is running at its correct timings/voltage in the BIOS?

    If I were you I'd re-install windows to rule out O/S and software as the cause. Also as the PSU is modular I'd check all the connections are secure (at the PSU end and motherboard/GPU ETC...).

    If you still have the same issue I'd look at taking the PC to a PC repair shop were they can test your hardware on other PC's.
  4. Yeah I'll try that and if it still doesn't work I'll come crying back tomorrow :'(
  5. Ok, well hopefully it'll be sorted soon :) good luck
  6. Found the problem, it's the new card. When I tried to boot this morning the boor screen started getting graphical glitches all over the screen. Took the card out made sure all the connections were clean and restarted and the problem was still there. Switched cards and problem wasn't there. So it seems I was just sold dodgy goods, shame the retailer doesn't stock the card any more though :( Thanks for the help anyway
  7. Oh well that's strange considering you tested the cards individually before and they worked fine, glad you found the issue though, hopefully the retailer can give you a refund and you can then buy another card.

  8. Last night I was playing and I got several crashes and this morning I got several glitches all over the screen, tried the other card none of those problems seemed to be occurring, I also found it weird. Unfortunately though I think replacement is out of the window as I can't find any more stockists of the card anywhere other than ebay :(
  9. Yeah that is a problem, I think the GTX570's are now EOL so you may have to look at the second hand market to grab another GTX570.

    I'm not sure if you can buy from this site but they have some GTX570s (albeit, not TwinFrozr III version):
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