A10 5800K dual graphics and i3 3220 w discrete card comparison

So recently I decided to build a case and came up with these combos:
+ A10 5800K + MSI R6670 1GD3 + Main FM2
+ i3 3220 + MSI R6670 1GD3 + Gigabyte B75

I'm currently very confused because A10 5800K comes with a IGP, and AMD says it works well in Dual graphics mode.
So here are my questions:
1. What setup is better in terms of:
+ Gaming
+ Adobe apps (pts, AI, AE CS5) and 3D apps
+ Office works
2. What are the problems with dual graphics?

Side note: I have MSI R6670 1GD3 as fixed ( I just bought it 2 weeks ago and I don't want to sell it as 2nd hand). So I can't really take suggestions similar to "change it for HD7770".
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  1. The IGP of the A10-5800k is less powerful than a Radeon HD 6570. Not sure what the overall performance is when XFired with a Radeon HD 6670, but I think it is safe to it will be equivalent to a Radeon HD 6750 maybe a little more powerful, but definitely not as powerful as a Radeon HD 6770 or HD 7750. That is assuming the game works with XFire, otherwise you simply get the performance of the Radeon HD 6670.

    1. Most games are not CPU dependent so the A10-5800k combo will give you better performance than the i3-3220 + Radeon HD 6670. Even in games that can benefit from a more powerful CPU, the A10 combo will provide better performance because of the combined GPU performance (unless XFire is not supported).

    Adobe? No clue.

    Office works? Unless you are do something like financial modelling (which Office Works is incapable of), you are not going to notice any difference.

    2. As pointed out, the only problem is if the game you want to play does not support XFire.
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