PC to HDTV: HDMI doesn't work, VGA half-works (1920x1080 ingame only).

Was trying to make that title as short as I can.

Well I've been struggling to get my PC hooked up to my Samsung LCD TV via hdmi for a while now, with no luck. The PC is able to recognize the TV but not the other way around: the PC/HDMI1 options are greyed out in the menu.

Finally went back to using VGA again (which I had better luck with) to try some things. Using VGA, TV is able to go upto 1600x1200 but not 1920x1080. I get a "Mode not supported" message on the TV. I tried starting up a game (Counter Strike:GO) to see if I can change anything there. Surprisingly, the game can go upto 1920x1080 after setting it in the video options.

I then tried another game, League of Legends. After entering the first match, the game crashed. Tried again and it was fine. The option for 1920x1080 was there. I just had to change the ratio aspect in the TV settings. After exiting the game normally, it crashed again.

After exiting both games, the resolution changes back to 1600x1200 and things look a bit stretched.

Anyways, my main concern is actually getting ANY image to show up via HDMI. Even if I went the VGA route, the PC seems a bit picky about it (as described above). I'm using a Radeon 4600 card. I was able to get it working years ago - I specifically remember the PC image on the HDTV and even using the speakers hooked upto the receiver.

What exactly am I doing wrong? The PC picks up the Samsung but I'm still unable to select PC/HDMI as the source. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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  1. Same problem.
    Please help.
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