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Hi guys . I've basically built my first computer and I'm inthe process of plugging the cables in . Obviously plugging in the 24 pin ATX and 4 pin 12 v was easy . But a question about other components . Does it matter how these are connected as in I have plugged my ssd and cd drive into the same cable which supports up to 4 connections as ive seen. Seems to be sata right ? . This plugs into the power supply into any 6 pin socket as the cable itself has 6 pins ? And then my graphics card needs two power cables PCI-e . So I can plug two of these cables directly into the power supply in any 2 of the 4 provided 8 pin sockets on the power supply .? lol have I confused anybody yet . Basically I know what's going with what . I'm just asking does it matter how you plug these into the powe supply . If you guys need to ask me anything go ahead ..
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  1. Is your PSU modular? Check the manual or refer to the diagram that is likely below the interface, it will tell you where each end of the cable goes.

    If the cable has 4 SATA connections, then it is fine to use all of them. If you start chaining extra connections off it you may run into issues though.

    You should be able to use any compatible connections on the modular interface, but check the manual just in case.
  2. I've checked documentation and don't see a ting referring to modular . Only something that says semi modular cable set . Maybe you or someone else can confirm for me . I am providing four images from within the manual and on the box which should help determine the answer to my question .





    Ohh the power supply is a Corsair 750W HX 750 ATX Power Supply, 80 PLUS GOLD Certified, Modular Cabling, 4x 6+2 PCI-E, 12x SATA, 8x Molex.
  3. Says modular right in the name you posted.
    Modular means that the cables can be disconnected from the PSU itself, while before the cables were hardwired in and not removable. Yours is Semi-modular, so chances are the 24pin ATX and 4/8pin CPU power cables are hardwired in.

    Just plug the cables you need into the supply, and then wire up the rig. There should be no issues.
  4. Thank you manofchalk . For your help . Appreciate it . Ohh booted it up and it's worked perfectly . Thank you ...
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