Do you think this economy poem sounds okay? would you like to ask?

i think the economy is an art of felony

here goes....(poem)

being victimized of this scheme
being victimized of this dream
this dream flawed by this scheme
this vast delusion being victimized of this scheme
this mass confusin,
scammed once stepped on this schemes
and bout my everything withdrawn my compassion whole system's flawed
declares you follow this condition and terms of conduct
deconstruct one self's dream and luck
Whole system have been misconduct
triggers an art of felony using funds in this schemes, no future proof for us beings
And just when everything seems fine
beamed by this treason governments schemes
deconstruct my illusion,
polluting this oxygen layer by oil rig bribery schemes
Everyday and as it seems
deconstructing this future why not you solely contradict
when i bout to my everything lust and compassionate dream everyday and as it seems,
driven my devotional into this scheme and these deluded marketing economic schemes
for want of money you government play roles of treason develops a no even balance,
withdrawing human rights and bother those beings....
and force to declare the moments those who step onto this schemes
external democratic, center core role of communism
method logical precision, sigh is the government really giving,
for want of sorrow, you must stop lying to yourself
And this democratic commonwealth plays treason gaming stealth
I've been victimized and played the fool
who turned against against this democratic tool
Self composers my lyrical soul,
i bout this delusion, this scheme congregation's generating mass confusion,
and my logic defines illustrative illusion along with this constitution
degenerate my health condition
bothered by this funding driven this system's definition
and those refused to consume the ruthless truth
funding privileges your everything
and the reason treasons the meaning of everything
world is no longer harmony, just treason us to be
gave them locomotion being tax servants, had to spend external fees to travel journey
3 rounds for this art of felony
treasons us money, (1)fines and (2)lawyer & court fees, (3)law enforcements and those deeds is truly the art of murder
of this funding scheme................
i live in poverty, but this schemes delivers an art of felony starting with money....
deconstruct my imaging view, I want to live a general life, and I'm confused
subwritten context, I dearly hope it reflect a new conduct in this agony system,
a new era I request to reflect

do you salute?
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  1. It's nothing but a bunch of negative vibes man.

    Mellow out....

    *fly buzz*

    I don't salute, and this is definitely the wrong section. But stealing can be an art. And influencing people into giving you their money against their (sometimes only realized in hindsight) better judgment is what business is all about.

    Btw what is up with the blank 8x8 gif?
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