Will my new gaming pc outrun the PS4 ?

hey guys this might be a stupid question .. bare with me please :)

I have had my pc for 2 weeks and the cost was 1300$ ! and the confirmed specs of the PS4 are out ..

will my pc crush it ? or run with at least ?

My specs :

Asrock extreme 4

GTX 680 Lightning

Corsair avengance 8 (2X4)gb ddr3 ram

I5 3570k

Cooler master 212 hyper evo

Samsung 840 pro 120gb SSD

WD caviar black 1Tb HDD

Corsair TX750 V2 750w PSU

I'm Kinda worried that I hav'nt made the right Choice :(

(sorry if not the right place to post )
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  1. At first, yeah.

    After five years? No chance.
  2. :lol: yes the PS4 has a 7850 equivalent at best
  3. I didn't mean will it handle future games .. of course after 5 years i'll need some upgrades to keep up with new games :D
  4. any one ?
  5. Yep. Well from what I've read anyway, like the other guy mentioned, the ps4 has a relatively weak graphics card (in comparison to modern PCs). The graphics card it has is quite powerful for a console but nothing compared to a high end PC, and add that onto the fact that the GPU won't be upgraded until the next console which could be 7 years away where as PCs constantly upgrade their hardware. :)
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